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Photography by Dennis Brownfield 

Shields of Boulder City, Nev., finished the weekend strong taking the win with a final pass of 5.293 seconds at 278.69 mph over Larry Miersch of Huntington Beach, Calif. Meirsch made a final pass of 5.528 seconds at 254.09 mph.

NHRA Lucas Oil Drag Racing Series, Pacific Division event at SIR

Southwestern International Raceway proves to be some great weather and racing action!

In Top Alcohol Funny Car, Bellemeur of Fullerton, Calif., held on to win over Von Smith of Oak Ridge, Tenn., with a final pass of 5.926 seconds at 242.63 mph. Smith had trouble off the line and finished with a disappointing pass of 11.922 seconds at 66.07 mph.

Home town favorite Chuck Hawk of Tucson AZ. take the win in the Hughes Performance Top Dragster Category, making a final pass of 7.566 at 175.23 mph to defeat Del Cox Jr of Downey, Ca.

Tom Mettler of Bakersfield, Calif., ran 7.654 seconds at 175.89 mph to defeat Jim Cowan of Dewey, Ariz., who ran 8.581 seconds at 156.79 mph in Comp Eliminator.

 Darren Smith of Palmdale, Calif., found the winner's circle in Super Stock driving a '68 Dart, while Kip Martin of Phoenix, Ariz., took the No. 2 spot driving a '64 Mustang.

In Stock Eliminator Dale Howard of Las Vegas, with a pass of 10.700 seconds at 122.51 mph takes the win over Wes McGann also of Phoenix, Ariz., who drove a '70 Nova.

In Super Comp, Robert Mirizio of Riverside, Calif., made a pass of 9.154 seconds at 165.54 mph to earn the win over Loreen Johnson of Seligman, Ariz.

Super Gas racer Kevin Kleineweber of Phoenix, Ariz., drove his '01 Corvette to a No. 1 finish with a final pass of 10.177 seconds at 143.72 mph.

In Super Street Dwight Downing of Glendale, Ariz., finished with a big win with a time of 11.142 seconds at 130.17 mph to defeat Seth Polvadore of Sun City, Ariz.

The Sportsman Motorcycle presented by Harley Davidson winner was Jordan Miclette of Redway, Calif., who finished with a time of 9.390 seconds at 135.14 mph.

Joe Roubicek of Westlake Village, Calif., found the winner's circle in the Sunset Racecraft Top Sportsman category with a time of 7.622 seconds at 167.12 mph.

The next stop for Division 7 racers is The Strip at Las Vegas Motor Speedway on April 20 - 22. For more information please contact the track at 702-644-4444 or log onto to

 Sunday's final results from the NHRA Lucas Oil Drag Racing Series, Pacific Division event at Southwestern International Raceway:

Round 1

1) Shields, Boulder City, Nev., 5.240, 278.52 was unopposed

2) Chris Demke, Sunland, Calif., 5.504, 261.12 def. 
7) Brian Smith, Fullerton, Calif., broke

3) Larry Miersch, Huntington Beach, Calif., 5.649, 228.96 def. 
6) Randy Eakins, Carson City, Nev., broke

5) Edwin Schmeeckle, Gothenburg, Neb., 5.584, 256.75 def. 
4) Jeff Veale, Hannon, Ont., broke; 

Shields, 5.376, 277.89 def. Schmeeckle, 5.557, 258.07
Miersch, 5.524, 244.52 def. Demke, 5.691, 255.29 

Shields, 5.293, 278.69 def. Miersch, 5.528, 254.09 

Round 1

1) Von Smith, Oak Ridge, Tenn., '02 Camaro, 5.821, 237.71 def. 
8) Bret Williamson, Campbell, Calif., '01 Corvette, 5.926, 235.51 

2) Sean Bellemeur, Fullerton, Calif., '02 Camaro, 5.824, 243.37 def. 
7) John Patton, Peoria, Ariz., '02 Firebird, 5.958, 241.28

3) Doug Gordon, Paso Robles, Calif., '05 Monte Carlo, 5.783, 252.33 def. 
6) Kirk Kuhns, Huntington Park, Calif., '05 Monte Carlo, 5.971, 236.17

5) Steve Gasparrelli, West Covina, Calif., '05 Monte Carlo, 5.864, 241.84 def. 
4) Pete Swayne, Santa Rosa, Calif., '05 Monte Carlo, 5.894, 246.35;

Bellemeur, 5.854, 243.37 def. Gordon, 6.045, 248.43
Smith, 5.804, 244.52 def. Gasparrelli, 6.055, 230.80 

Bellemeur, 5.926, 242.63 def. Smith, 11.922, 66.07 

Tom Mettler, Bakersfield, Calif., '01 Dakota, PST, 7.654, 175.89 def. 
Jim Cowan, Dewey, Ariz., '04 Cavalier, D/EA, 8.581, 156.79 

Darren Smith, Palmdale, Calif., '68 Dart, SS/GA, 10.019, 126.14 def. 
Kip Martin, Phoenix, Ariz., '64 Mustang, SS/L, 10.759, 121.11 

Dale Howard, Las Vegas, '69 Camaro, A/SA, 10.700, 122.51 def. 
Wes McGann, Phoenix, Ariz., '70 Nova, D/SA, 11.493, 114.45 

Robert Mirizio, Riverside, Calif., dragster, 9.154, 165.54 def. 
Loreen Johnson, Seligman, Ariz., dragster, 9.134, 165.27 

Kevin Kleineweber, Phoenix, Ariz., '01 Corvette, 10.177, 143.72 def. 
Jeff Cheney, Cambridge, Minn., '00 Camaro, 10.149, 153.81 

Dwight Downing, Glendale, Ariz., '79 Arrow, 11.142, 130.17 def. 
Seth Polvadore, Sun City, Ariz., '76 Pinto, 11.078, 110.15 

Jordan Miclette, Redway, Calif., '97 Suzuki, 9.390, 135.14 def. 
Ron Gledhill, Taylorsville, Utah, '01 Hayabusa, 9.088, 136.04 

Joe Roubicek, Westlake Village, Calif., '63 Corvette, 7.622, 167.12 def. 
Jim Momjian, Apple Valley, Calif., '05 Grand Am, 10.234, 97.32 

Chuck Hawk, Tucson, Ariz., dragster, 7.566, 175.23 def. 
Del Cox Jr, Downey, Calif., dragster, 6.846, 194.77.